on science

audrey’s mother sent me the following:

audrey’s in the shower and i’m in the next room and hear her say to herself: “i wonder if this will cause a chemical reaction.”



on cursing

Cara: You are on speaker phone

Aunt Holly: Okay. I will try not to curse.

Audrey: Don’t worry Aunt Holly, I learn all my cursing from train cars.

on books

audrey read me a story before bed. before beginning the story she said: “Can you tell this book is from the olden days?” the book was published in 1982. her mother explained that she had originally thought the children in the book were from a different culture, because of the clothing in the pictures.



on kindergarten costumes

this little boy below is a member of my sisters kindergarten class. as you can see, he was a SWAT officer for halloween. during recess, i turned around from chatting with my sister and the other parents and i see this kid. his knee is in another kids back, laying face down on the ground and the little SWAT officer is cuffing him.